Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm not always in the Kitchen

Sometimes, I'm in the living room.  A friend of mine forced me (not at gunpoint, this is Canada) to take a picture of myself without any sort of preparation.  This is my bedhead.

Plans in motion to do a little baking today or tomorrow.  I promise food porn. 
Also: I fixed comments.  You should be able to comment now.  I'm trying to make it work, embedded.  For now, full page comments amok!


Ray said...

From the dashboard go to settings, then to comments, and there should be a comment placement setting with an embed option.

echobunny said...

For some reason the embedded option fails for me. This pop-up version is nice, though!

Andrea said...

make my cheesecakes.

i put the recipe on my blog today! also the pork recipe is deeeeeelicccccccccccciouissss