Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Entry: Obligatory

This is the first post in, probably, my third or fourth "focused" blog. That doesn't seem very promising to me, but I'm going to give this a whirl. I got the idea while discussing the act of shopping here in Canada and teaching a friend about general staples, how-to's on food prep and so on.
Why not another blog in this world?
Never know. I might go on about something important on occasion. Keep your eyes peeled!
What is this all supposed to be about? I'm an American in Canada. Doesn't seem too far off. Doesn't seem like it would be a culture shock. Oh, you could be wrong.
Good start. Tell the reader they're wrong. Right!
As I was saying, I'm an American in Canada. I arrived here in August 2007 to study at a nearby college and live with my boyfriend. I'd been here to visit a few times before that. I had fallen in love with a lovely man and a wonderful new country. Toronto is heavenly and there's nothing like transit that seems to function in comparison to previous home cities (Long Beach, CA and Philadelphia, PA).
This city is an international maze. It's a splendid mix of culture and life. It blows my mind and I absolutely adore it. I wouldn't trade it for much. I might trade it for a whole heck of a lot of money. Maybe.
I remember the little things that hit me about attitudes and prices and life in general. It really is different here in Canada.
So, that's the point of this bloggy blog. I'd like to ponder the things I've had to change. I'll muse (eloquently?) about how to stock your cabinets without spending every last cent you have. I might even let you in on some of the little things I do in the kitchen to make cooking smoother and most tasty!
Thanks for reading, folks! And, welcome. ;)