Monday, June 15, 2009

Grilling Without a Grill: I can do this?!

You live in an apartment with no balcony. You've got no yard space. You don't own a countertop grill (like the one's Mr. Foreman makes or better!). Your recipe says, "GRILL ME!"
Whattaya gonna do?!
Okay, aside from just trying another recipe you do have an option many do not consider. Your oven. Unless you live in a hut with a hotplate, you probably have an oven.The trick is using your broiler like an upside down BBQ flame.
I recommend pre-cooking thick meats like whole chicken breasts and pork chops before using the broiler to add some grilled char-taste. Buy a meat thermometer and learn how to use it!

Stuff you need!

  • oven mitts
  • patience
  • an oven safe pan (to catch juices)
  • a rack to go into the pan (I use an oven-safe cooling rack*)
  • an oven with a broiler
  • Adult supervision if you're a minor or if you just enjoy having people watch you cook, rrowrr!
  • tongs
  • aluminum foil to line your catch pan/tray
  1. Raise the oven rack inside the oven as close to the broiler as you can. Allow for the space you need to put the food in the oven. Several inches of clearance between food and broiler is preferred.
  2. If you have children or nosy pets, LOCK THEM OUT OF THE KITCHEN!
  3. Turn on your broiler and leave the oven door open a notch.
  4. Take the meat/veg/etc you wish to grill and place it on the rack.
  5. Place the rack on your lined catch pan.
  6. Place the rack with catchpan in the oven and monitor just like you would the BBQ in the yard. Keep a close eye on it and turn your food when it starts to get that nice char.
  7. Turn off the oven
  8. Remove food from oven
  9. ENJOY!
This whole process is handy for indoor kebobs and other good BBQ stuffs.
Obviously, this process will not get you the exact same results as a BBQ or a "real" grill, but it's close and a yummy approximation!

If you have any topic requests, please send them to me! Feedback is always welcome, too!

*I don't endorse the company at the other end of the link. It is for reference only. :)


Andrea said...

You really are too good to me <3
I wish we could do these things together!

Gordon said...

found it! not very intuitive, but it's a nice layout :)

Thanks for the foodie love, my waistline is angered but can be quelled with many offerings